Advances in educational assessment:
Analytical support for educational test development


Project results will be published here.

Expected results

Set of procedures and tools for complex analysis of educational tests
The set of procedures and tools will contain a description of different psychometric methods and their usability in the analysis of educational tests, guides for their implementation in the interactive application module, source codes and functions, examples of complex data analysis using psychometric methods (including analysis of between-group differences at the level of subscales or individual items and their interpretation), sample reports for tested persons, schools and regional authorities.


Participative workshops
Participative workshops will support the implementation of proposed procedures and tools in the processes of test development, test validation, and data analysis on the part of the application guarantor and other testing institutions. In addition, the workshops will promote the use of assessment results to inform decision-making at different levels of the education system. At least three participative workshops will take place during the project. The workshops will focus on raising awareness of advanced psychometric methods and interpreting the results of complex data analysis.